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Valet Stand
Kimberly Frohlich

My husband loved it!!!!

Well received

This was a bar mitzvah gift and the young man loved it.

Beautiful tehillim!

It’s the perfect gift!

Faux flower

This item is so pretty in real life!

Love it!!!

We gave it to my daughter as a housewarming present she had her eye on it for while when she saw it in the store she was so excited and pleasantly surprised that we gifted it to her

So pretty!

Love this candle! Modern and sleek.. just what i needed

Perfect gift!

Kimberly Frohlich

Luv it!

Basic Shtender
Kimberly Frohlich
Beautiful piece

The bar mitzvah boy loves it!!


It’s gorgeous, modern but also stylish and so classy I love it!


Extremely Practical

Highly recommend

The Lazer cut challah cover is so beautiful that it will certainly enhance the shabbos table!

Hotel Style Havdalah Set
Sarah Davidovits
Havdalah set

This made an excellent gift for hosting!

Asher yatsar stand and card.

Hi! I would like to say a few words. There's a new hotline in town called ASHIRA. For women , by women.17186822007. One of the amazing speakers spoke about tefila! How if and when a mother doesn't have time to daven at least say Asher yatsar! A direct connection to Hashem in admitting how miraculous he is!!! So buy an Asher yatsar card we did! And we use it a thousand times a day! We love it! Can't wait to purchase more! How many zechusim you must have just from this alone!!!!
M. Eisen

Love it!

This item is a must!
So nice, and serves the purpose right!

bencher set

it was so nice to recieve such a beautiful, clear and good looking bencher set
it is so practical and confortable
the benchers are easy to clean
the letters are clear!!!
it has birkas hamazon and mayen shalosh when needed
my fridge looks so "shtady" with this set hanging on it
was impressed to see how strong the maganet can be
we love and thank you so much for the great idea

personal name on bencher set

thank you so much for the beautiful job
really well done
the font is beautiful and perfect!
personlly thinking -
the writing on such a bencher set should NOT be ingraved
rather should be with a plack
you can't see the letters unless all the benchers are out of the box
which is a shame
thanks again for the great job

Wig head stand

What a great sheitel stand! Thank you!

Havdalah Candle

I bought the candle without the base. How can I buy just the base?

This seder plate is gorgeous! It really enhanced our table. I love that it's slightly raised.

Gebrokst Bags
Happy client!
Beautiful & Practical!

Great service, it arrived on time neatly packaged.
It also comes in a plastic cover which i didn't expect,but makes it easier to use and wash. Good for kids and adults and pretty on the table!

Agate Matzah Box
Adina Berkowitz
Beautiful Matzah Box

I wanted something to enhance my pesach table and this matzah box did just that! It’s a beautiful addition

Beautiful keaara

its a really nice piece we enjoyed it on the seder

Beautiful and classy

I bought this as a gift, and it looked stunning on the seder table!

Onyx Hand Towel
Viki Souid
Nice quality

Very soft