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Rosh Hashanah

Die-Cut Apple Simanim CardDie-Cut Apple Simanim Card
Die-Cut Apple Simanim Card
Regular price $14.00
Die-Cut Pomegranate Simanim CardDie-Cut Pomegranate Simanim Card
Die-Cut Pomegranate Simanim Card
Regular price $14.00
Painted Gold Simanim Card by ZeldaPainted Gold Simanim Card by Zelda
Painted Gold Simanim Card by Zelda
Regular price $16.00
Painted Colored Simanim Card by ZeldaPainted Colored Simanim Card by Zelda
Marble Round Simanim CardMarble Round Simanim Card
Marble Round Simanim Card
Regular price $14.00
Marble Apple Tabletop SimanimMarble Apple Tabletop Simanim
Marble Apple Tabletop Simanim
Regular price $34.00
Apple Tabletop Simanim (4)Apple Tabletop Simanim (4)
Apple Tabletop Simanim (4)
Regular price $70.00
Traditional Tabletop Simanim (2)
Traditional Tabletop Simanim (2)
Regular price $24.00
Painted Gold Tabletop SimanimPainted Gold Tabletop Simanim
Painted Gold Tabletop Simanim
Regular price $42.00
Raised Simanim Trays (4)Raised Simanim Trays (4)
Raised Simanim Trays (4)
Regular price $66.00

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