Spring TableScape Tips


  • For a stunning & easy floral decor, take a large rose & spray paint with a metallic color. The Rose will pop, yet still feel fresh on the table.
  • Use unique flowers and change up your flower box. Use 5 larger open flowers, in place of 9 to create a true pop of color.
  • Mix and match Lucite Bud Vase heights. Each meal, rearrange the bud vases for a full fresh new look.
  • Combine the Flower Box + Lucite Bud Vases
  • Set a Lucite Bud Vase by each seat. Using a dry erase maker mark the name on the bud vase, or hang the name from the rose.
  • Go Fresh.
    Keep your tablecloth simple and subtle. Rather have your flowers and accents do the popping. Bring in florals, but don't overdo them. Keep it clean and simple, rather than over-empowering.
  • All about the layers.
    Geometric with organic patterns, neutral texture with soft color fabrics… plates that contrast, and metallics that give a little extra sparkle, are just a few of the endless ideas you can choose from. It’s so fun to build a multi-dimensional surface with the items you can find around your house.

    Choose elements that add interest and dimension to your surface. While neutrals and monochromatic are still a big deal, we personally love slight color, especially this time of year. It doesn’t have to be much, but just enough to add interest, no matter what you choose. Think in different ways like these and we guarantee you’ll love what you create!


Chaya Blachorsky